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Gao Ji or Jiao Zi or Dumplings (Chinese)

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Adjust Servings:
100 grams Fresh prawns meat shells and veins already removed
100 grams Meat pork or chicken, minced
50 grams Fresh water chestnuts peeled and roughly chopped
4 cloves Garlic minced
1 tbsp Spring onions chopped
6 Leaves of napa cabbage known as Chinese cabbage. blanched in boiling water for 30 seconds
150 grams Round dumpling skins this saves your time like 1 hours +
1 tsp Light soy sauce
1 tsp Sesame oil
1 tsp Shaoxing wine
1/2 tsp Caster or super fine sugar
1/2 tbsp Corn starch
Salt pinch
White pepper powder few dashes

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Gao Ji or Jiao Zi or Dumplings (Chinese)

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Visit our store! This recipe will make around 16 dumplings depending on size. Each person usually can eat up to 20 dumplings!

  • 120 minutes
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Gao Ji or Jiao Zi (Mandrin) or Chinese traditional dumplings made from scratch are the most satisfying. These meat-filled dumplings are very popular in and out of China. Whether boiled or pan-fried, these dumplings using meat (either pork or chicken) are extremely succulent.

Food fans said and believe that the first made – is during the era of the Eastern Han dynasty. This means that it has a history of more than 1,800 years. Shaped like the ancient currency, gold ingots, Jiao Zi is therefore known to be a symbol of prosperity.

An easy Chinese dumplings recipe like this is always passed down to generations. It does give a sense of comfort and togetherness as making dumplings is often a family event. This is the best pork dumpling I’ve ever tasted and this recipe was shared by a Chinese friend. Now, the recipe is here for you to learn how to make Chinese dumplings using the easiest steps. The preparation and cooking tips provided here will be of help to you.

This recipe will help you make 16 dumplings, depending on the size and weight.

Can I make chicken dumplings with this recipe?

Of course! Simply substitute minced pork meat with minced chicken meat. In fact, you can also used minced mutton in this recipe. It is best to use minced meat with at least 30% fats. If you are mincing the meat yourself, use chicken thighs or pork butt/shoulder where there would be some fats in it. The flavors will develop better with some fat.

Tips for the best dumpling wrappers

Depending on your location, the humidity is the air varies. In this recipe, I used 185 ml of water. However, if you are making the dumplings in countries with high humidity levels, use about 180 ml of water. Generally, the amount water used should be between 180 – 185 ml. *NOTE: 1 ml = 1 gram.

Additionally, the dough will need to be kneaded until smooth. Very similar to making bread, the gluten of the dough will develop during the kneading process and this will be useful when wrapping the dumplings to prevent them from tearing or breaking apart.

Why is the dumpling’s side not pleated?

There are many types of wrapping for dumplings. This particular method of wrapping uses both thumbs and a loosely clenched fist to pinch the wrapper closed. This method is more common in Northern China where my friend who shared the recipe is from. Bringing both clenched fists together when sealing the wrapper makes it look as if the ‘fist and palm salute’, a way of Chinese greeting etiquette in showing one’s respect. Hence, making dumplings using this wrapping method is very interesting.

Southern China uses the other method of dumpling wrapping where the wrapper is pleated and pinched to seal in the filling like that of the Japanese gyoza.

Can I substitute Chinese 13 spices mix?

Chinese 13 spices mix is made out of ingredients such as orange peel, cinnamon, cumin, star anise and nine other ingredients. You may substitute it with 5 spice powder in this recipe as the ingredients in 5 spice powder are also found in the Chinese 13 spices mix. If you are unable to find both ingredients, omit it from the recipe.

How long do I need to boil the dumplings?

In a pot of boiling water, the dumplings will take only about 1 minute to be fully cooked. The best way to judge is when the dumplings begin to float. Hence, use enough water to boil the dumplings.

Besides boiling, are there other ways to cook the dumplings?

Depending on your preference, authentic Chinese dumplings can either be steamed or pan-fried. Pan-fry dumplings will be featured in our next listings.

How to store the meat dumplings?

Once meat dumplings are wrapped, they can be frozen and stored for up to 6 months for the best flavors. Otherwise, they can be kept refrigerated for 3 days. Before freezing or refrigerating them, place a layer of plastic wrapper on a tray or plate. Sprinkle some flour on the tray or plate before laying the dumplings. This recipe is great for bulk preparation.

How to cook frozen dumplings?

Frozen dumplings will need a longer time to cook. Add frozen dumplings into a pot of boiling water and cook over high heat. Once the water begins boiling again, cover the pot with the lid. Reduce the heat to medium and continue cooking for 3 minutes. This will ensure that the dumplings will be fully cooked on the inside. Remove the lid and increase heat to the maximum to cook them until they float.

Chinese dumplings dipping sauce

Authentic dipping sauces for dumplings are soy sauce and also vinegar with some thinly julienne ginger. Besides that, the Chinese loves eating these dumplings with black bean chili sauce. Out of China, some enjoy the dumplings with some sweet chilly sauce or even chili garlic sauce. Though not that traditional, the combinations are still very delicious.



Process half of the prawns in a food blender for a few seconds to get finely minced prawn meat. For the remaining half of the prawns, chop them up roughly using a knife.


In a bowl, add minced prawns, minced meat, water chestnuts, garlic, spring onions and the marinade ingredients. Mix well to form a paste.


Place a piece of dumpling skin on the palm of your hand. Scoop 1/2 tbsp of dumpling filling onto the center of the skin. Add a few pieces of chopped prawns. Dab your finger in water and wet the edges of the skin with your moist finger.


Fold the dumpling in half to form a half-crescent shape. Starting from one end and with slightly moist fingers, pleat the edges towards the center. Repeat with the other end. Wrap dumplings until you finish all the filling.


Arrange cabbage such that there are still exposed holes at the bottom so that steam can enter the basket. Place dumplings on the cabbage without them touching one another.


Wet the steaming cloth and wring lightly. Drape the cloth over the dumplings to prevent condensed steam from dripping onto the dumplings. Cover with lid then fold in the 4 corners of the cloth over the lid.


Steam on high heat until the dumplings are cooked, about 10 minutes. Steam in batches. Serve with black vinegar and finely shredded ginger or chilly sauce.



While wrapping the dumplings, you can cover the dumpling skins in a clean and moist kitchen towel to avoid them from drying out. If you do not have napa cabbage, you may line the base of the steamer with a piece of parchment paper that has punctured ventilation holes. Roughly (not finely) chop the water chestnuts so that you can still taste the crunchy texture.

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